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History Has Presented The World - Free Essay Example

History has presented the world with a multitude of controversies. It is up to the world then, to decide how these conflicts are resolved. America itself has worked through crises such as illegal immigration, abortion, separation of church and state, and many more. Recent suggestions have added yet another contentious subject to the long list of controversies of the twenty-first century. The new hot topic of America is gun control, and whether or not it should be enforced. This, like many others, is a two-sided argument in which many American citizens are truly passionate. This, like many others, is a topic that by no means should be taken lightly. The notion of (extreme/total) gun control must be put to an end. Many United States citizens are ignorant of the meaning of gun control. Prior to the debate, gun control was the regulation of the use of firearms by civilians. These laws affected the means of buying, selling, manufacturing, or ownership of guns. Current gun control advocates background checks and other means of regulation. The idea of gun control was first thought up in 1934 by President Roosevelt. A bill was passed simply to curtail minimal street crimes. Since then, ideas are beginning to spiral out of control. Extreme gun-control advocates are beginning to put forth a theory that guns should be removed altogether from the citizens of America. While basic gun control can be deemed acceptable, this view certainly cannot. Americas ongoing laws of gun control are acceptable as they stand. How can countries like America retain freedom when those freedoms are being stripped away? Initially, extreme gun control will not take all the rights of citizens away. Eventually, however, if left unchecked, the passing of gun control would result in more and more rights of American people to be taken away. The snowball of gun control and its laws could potentially become an avalanche headed straight at liberty. Each year, hundreds of thousands of refugees escape their tyrannical governments in order to reach America, the so-called city on a hill. Without freedom, America will become just like the countries it is trying not to be like. If more and more rights such as gun ownership get taken away, then these refugees would simply be going from one absolutist government to the next. As stated in the second amendment of the constitution, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. It is stated very clearly, in the foundational laws of America, that citizens have the right to bear arms. Freedom and democracy are what built this country and shaped the founding fathers. Freedom and democracy are what allowed America to become the reigning power of the world. Will America then, brush off a primary foundation of the country itself? Will the very right of citizens to possess arms be stripped away? No, if the notion of extreme gun control is removed, then the country and people of America will continue to have freedom and prosperity. Upstanding citizens must be able to protect themselves from harm with guns. A prime example of protection by use of guns comes from Ms. Jessie from Philadelphia. According to the Institute of Legislative Protection, her shop was vandalized by three armed men in the year 2016. Fortunately, she had a gun and was able to fight off these criminals, killing one and scaring off the others. Her store, and perhaps even her life, was put in extreme danger. A gun, however, is what saved her. If those supporting gun control got their way, many good people would be put at risk. Home Security Statistics presented America with some scary evidence, saying, 2,000,000 home burglaries are reported each year in the United States. Imagine, however, if all two million of those homes were rendered defenseless by gun control. Attacks on citizens are real. Crimes are real, and they are not just fun stories to tell at the dinner table. Guns are what give many citizens of America the ability to sleep, knowing that their family and possessions will be safe. The use of guns for protection, however, can easily be deprived by the implementation of extreme gun control. Advocates of gun control hold many tenable beliefs of their own. Through deeper thought, however, these assumptions of a world with gun control can be seen as misguiding. One important stance that supporters of gun control hold is that, if there is no gun control, tragedies such as school shootings will continue to occur. It can be said just as easily, however, that these tragedies will always occur, regardless of gun control. Likewise, regardless of gun control, people will always find ways around the law. No matter what laws are put in place, they can never stop a truly bad person from getting what they want. Take a look at illicit drug use, in 2013 alone, a total of twenty million Americans admitted to illegal drug use. Simply put, even if guns are deemed illegal by gun control, people will continue to cheat the law. Furthermore, current technology has allowed schools to begin a process of high security meant to prevent shootings from happening. Schools such as North Cobb Christian have begun to bullet-proof their glass, lock all doors, and fence off the campus. Not only this, but armed security guards have been placed at hundreds of schools across the country. It can be said then, that is more schools choose to take precautions, then these tragedies can be prevented before ever even happening. Disasters such as school shootings most likely would be handled better without gun control, than with. Another firm belief of gun control supporters is that the gun itself is the killer of people. This would explain then, why these supporters are so mind bent on being rid of them. This very thought itself, however, is illogical. How can an inanimate object choose to kill a person? The sad truth is, that man is the killer of man. Guns, then, are simply another tool used by man to make this killing more proficient. Also, guns arent the only weapons that can be used for bloodshed. Prior to the invention of guns, there were millions of murders instituted by all number of weapons. The Mongol conquests are known as one of the bloodiest affairs known to earth. Guns were never used throughout this time period, and yet, five percent of the worlds total population was killed. Finally, there are thousands of cases in which mass shootings have been carried out by people who are mentally ill. According to the Los Angeles Times, at least 59% ofmass shootings that took place in the United Stateswere carried out by people who had been diagnosed with a mental disorder. These facts then, clearly spell out the fact that many mass shooters can be deemed mentally deranged. Normal people, then, should not be deprived of their gun rights. Gun control should not be put into place because guns are not killers, people are. What makes something important to humans? Usually, as is the case with gun control, something becomes important to people when there is an incentive presented. America has become filled with an incentive to either go through with or revoke gun control. Ending the thought of extreme gun control is so important because if current laws change, the result would be an inferior and unsafe America. Retaining the right to bear arms will do better in the end for this nation. The citizens of America need to focus less on the use of guns by bad people, and more on the safety given by guns to good people. Total gun control must not be instituted! If freedom and safety still have any value in this world, then the idea of strict gun control must be forgotten.

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The Emotional Analysis Of Video Analytics - 1595 Words

BTP Report Emotional Analysis in Video Analytics Submitted by Anchal chandra Gupta 12114010 Banoth Ramesh 12114021 Guided By Dr. Balasubramanian R (Associate Professor) Index 1.Introduction 2.Related Work 3.Dynamics-based Emotion Representation 4.Representation of Temporal Dynamics 5.Dynamics based Expression Representation 6.Emotion Recognition 7.Multimedia content analysis(MCA) for emotional characterization of music video clips. 8.Conclusion Introduction The existing research on automatic perception of human emotions has opened up a new dimension for Human-Computer Interaction research, and also showed great potential to benefit and support a wide variety of applications, including computer assisted learning. Emotional analysis and Facial expression recognition are of next great field to study to to develop a better human-computer interaction and social behavior understanding. Recognition of face expressions and emotions may help to improve interactions with a robot or any intelligent machine in socially assistive robotics and computational behavioral science, or to study people’s social engagement in any collaborative tasks. emotion recognition include approaches which tend to extract a representation of the face appearance, adopting some classification framework. Some approaches use temporal information, other use a frame-based representation. The newer works are supported by theShow MoreRelatedUse Of Data Mining On The Recruitment Process Using Resumes, Talent, Skills, And Personality Assessment Among Graduate Essay1513 Words   |  7 Pagesget a job which adapts to your skill and also on the other hand the employers have a long process of multiple interviews which does not gives them concise results after this process. To resolve this tedious process, we have proposed the predictive analysis recruitment model which will implement a new methodology that will improve the accuracy of commissioning. In this paper, with using knowledge base, we will propose a model for designing a system to predict the recruitment process using resumes, talentRead MoreDigital Marketing Plan Template Essay1438 Words   |à ‚  6 Pagesmarketing and analytics. Our expertise is in developing winning digital marketing strategies and improving commercial results through Web Analytics (in particular Google Analytics). These are the main focus of blog updates featured in our Emarketing Essentials Enewsletter where we have regular practical advice on the digital marketing tactics that matter most in delivering better results to most companies, i.e. †£ Digital strategy and campaign planning †£ Actionable analytics for site and campaignRead MoreOnline Accommodation Processes Literature And Hereafter Map Demarcate Attitude Patterns During The Process1735 Words   |  7 Pagesframework based on clickstream/log file analysis of both the internal and external impacts of the process. The internal process impacts (the individual themselves, search engines, third parties/social media sites and hotel websites) and the external process impacts (online access devices and user visual interaction) are inspected before being formulated into proposed online accommodation process framework. 2. Theoretical Background 2.1Clickstream/Log File Analytics of the Process Bucklin and SismeiroRead MoreRecommendation 3 : Implement Content Calendar And Content Strategies To Streamline Social Media1067 Words   |  5 Pagesdo well on that platform. Key Insights †¢ Heartstrings and adoption posts have the highest engagement on Facebook. †¢ Facebook has a higher population to reach. †¢ Content calendars raise engagement and streamline the process. Data Collection and Analysis I. Free To Live as Compared to Other Nonprofits Free To Live currently does not employ a content calendar to schedule out and plan content for social media campaign. Organizations benchmarked all either had a structure for posting content or a formalRead MoreVideo Games : Video Game Violence Essay1693 Words   |  7 PagesVideo Game Violence Blood and gore, intense violence, strong sexual content, use of drugs. These are just a few of the phrases that the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) uses to describe the content of several games. The future of entertainment revolves around technology. Along with the evolvement of technology, video games are also changing. More ways of playing violent video games are created each year, but most of us have this question in mind; do violent video games influence peopleRead MoreEssay On Automation In Market Research841 Words   |  4 Pagestechnologies replacing skilled researchers, automation demonstrates the upcoming bright side of cost effective, faster and smarter research. It is an opportunity for expansion of the industry into new data avenues and innovations providing more efficient analytics and trendy reports. Automation improves the efficiency of research methodology. Over the last few decades paper based survey has changed to online data collection. Recruitment and sampling are done at large scale using software algorithm at a greaterRead MoreDo Violent Video Games Cause Aggressive Behavior?1383 Words   |  6 Pages Do Violent Video Games Cause Aggressive Behavior? Samantha Remesz Saginaw Valley State University Abstract This paper explores violent video games and their affects on people’s behavior and emotions. An experimental study was done by Smith, Lachlan, and Tamborini and is investigated further. The researchers wanted to examine people’s behavior after playing violent video games as well as nonviolent video games and compare the differences of the two. The study observes boys and girlsRead MoreHelping Caregivers Overcome The Mental And Physical Stress Of Caring For Hospice Patients Essay1538 Words   |  7 Pagespatients such as counseling, reducing the amount of work undertaken by the caregivers and integration of psychosocial support through home care services. Despite the value associated with these measures, they do not address the fundamental cause of emotional and physical stress, which entails the suffering of the loved one (Hebert, Arnold Schultz, 2007). In appreciation of the role of care givers, this paper evaluates whether developing a customized health care plan for care givers can reduce the levelRead MoreDecision I Have Made When Bought An Ipad Is High Involvement Feeling Decision1092 Words   |  5 Pagesinformation, but the general attitude and emotional arousal, as the product and the brand name associated with my personal system of values. Beside the size and weight, iPad is not different from my MacBook. In addition, iPad is more expensive than the alternative models of tablets. Most likely, I have chosen the Apple product because the brand meets my needs (rational component), or because it is the personal commitment of the brand or brand loyalty (emotional component). D. Assuming the consumerRead MoreThesis Statement For Social Media1207 Words   |  5 Pagespotential clients; all in a traceable fashion. Depth is what is missing from traditional marketing mediums. A television commercial or radio advertisement could only tell the consumer so much about the Elite brand. Also, these mediums leave no room for emotional connection to the consumer. Social media allows both of these negative points to be addressed. To address such, the name of the game is consistency. Across each platform, there should be two to four posts, minimum, daily. The content must fit each

Junior High Essay Example For Students

Junior High Essay As my parents drove me away from 8th grade graduation I always felt that High school would relinquish all the drama that I went through in Junior High. Well here I am, entering my junior year and getting over the stress of making the Varsity volleyball team. Just when I thought that I was starting off on the right foot, I turn around and the only foot that I feel is the one kicking me in the gut courtesy of my best friends. The school bell rings like its the end of an unexpected first round snapping us both back to reality. As we separate and go to our first period classes I feel as though I took one below the belt. I need help, I need a referee. Now, as I cautiously sit in the counselors office thinking to myself, Am I just going to make matters worse with my friends? Can the whispers among the upper classmen possibly be true? There is this disease that is talked about, it comes around a couple times in your life and I barely escaped its wrath in Junior High. Well now its back to claim any sanity that I had left for this year. The disease if youre wondering, is known as Pre-graduation Separation a type of deep emotional growing pain. The first attack showed up leaving my heart in a state of numbness, as though it was being held captive in shackles of cold steel. Like a piranhas insatiable appetite slowly picking away at its preys flesh so does the disease eat away at the core of ones friendship. Then the once polite conversations are followed by meaningless confrontations. Its as if the disease grows with each encounter, slowly breaking down all immunity within that friendship. Next, by attacking your mouth the disease makes your tongue a weapon of mass destruction, disabling you from taking back the words of poison that now flow through the veins. Intervention at this time will not work and the disease grows stronger as the friendship weakens and breaks down. The school bell rings again and round three is finally over, I can relish in only a short break from all this unnecessary banter. Lunch does not come as quickly today, my feeling or need for interaction with my peers is an overwhelming emotion. The disease at this point has taken all energy from me, only subsistence will strengthen me. The sound of the school bell beckons me into another round of overwrought emotions, while wanting the day to end my strides become slow and cautious. The halls begin to look longer, moving away from the intended destination. Breathing becomes difficult as the cold tiled ground swallows up the steps that are necessary to fight off the disease, pulling the core into uncertainty. Just as the disease grabs hold you lose all sense of humanity that the body might have. However, as you turn around its not a foot you see but a hand, lifting you up. And with that the necessary words needed to wipe out the disease completely comes in the form of forgiveness. The friendship so dearly cherished has once again beaten down the Pre-graduation Separation disease. I will build up an immunity to this disease, along with others, but time will ultimately be the deciding factor for all.

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Social Topics For Essay Topics

Social Topics For Essay TopicsThere are several social topics for essay topics that you should consider in order to add some depth and personal feel to your essays. These topics range from religion to politics to the culture of the people you'll be writing about. Whatever topics you choose, you should make sure that they come with some sort of valid information that the readers will find useful.Religion is a big topic that often warrants some social topics for essay topics. As an example, your essay could discuss how Jesus of Nazareth was widely thought to be a man rather than God. It could also talk about the differences between the two religions. You can even talk about how the fact that Jesus was executed may have made it less appealing for people to follow him than it would have been otherwise.Another idea for a social topic for essay topic is politics. In this case, you should write a political essay that focuses on the controversies of the day. For example, you could write an e ssay that discusses what your own political views are as a Christian, how that might have affected your childhood, or any other story that may apply to you personally.Culture is another subject that may merit social topics for essay topics. This can be something as broad as topics such as tattoos or even religion. The idea is to have the reader relate to you so that you can draw in their own emotions and feelings about the same subject. This way, you can more effectively build a relationship with them.The important thing to remember here is that whatever you choose to write about, you should always use sources that you may find persuasive. This will help your readers see why you are writing what you are writing. It will help you create a more meaningful essay that is completely objective.When it comes to how long the essay should be, there is no right answer. Obviously, if you are having trouble coming up with ideas for social topics for essay topics, then you should probably write shorter essays. If, however, you are a student who's trying to express their own thoughts on the matter, then you may want to write longer essays in order to make the most of your time. There are many different things that you can do to maximize the amount of time you spend writing.Don't be afraid to express yourself fully in a single essay. Also, try to keep your essay from becoming too complex. Instead, stick to one main idea for each paragraph and let your thoughts flow from there.Finally, when you do decide to write an essay, make sure that you revise it frequently. Many people forget to do this and eventually end up writing a very poorly written essay that does not meet their needs. Make sure to keep track of everything that you write so that you can easily spot any errors that you may have made.

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Writing Illustration Essay Topics

Writing Illustration Essay TopicsIt is very difficult to find good topics for illustration essays. You should be careful to ensure that the topic you select for your illustration essay is actually going to speak to the reader. Here are some good illustrations to choose from. You will be amazed at the diverse styles and personalities that can actually come out in an illustration essay topic.One of the best illustration topics is usually classical essay style. This is great if you are looking for some sort of intellectual content to bring out in your essay. It is an important fact that every intelligent student is highly influenced by the words they read. It is often the prerogative of an artist to create more than just visual pictures in their works. You need to provide some decent reading material in your illustration essay so that the readers can absorb some new information about the subject that you are writing about.Another excellent illustration to consider for illustration essay s is nature illustrations. There are some people who are interested in the natural world. They love to learn about how the entire world looks and feels in a particular aspect.If you want to explore more about the future of mankind, then think about the modern times. When we first started to evolve from ape to human beings, our minds were in fact much more simplistic. We had developed many ideas like the theory of evolution that would come into play once we evolved into our present form. This is one topic that would speak about the progression of human society from prehistoric times to modern times.Many writers have already penned some fantastic examples on the topic of sports. Sports are really complex and intricate games that involve many other things. These other factors tend to influence the outcome of the game as well.Thesis statement is very important in this particular field. If you have a great story to tell with some pictures or illustrations, then it is going to be very dif ficult to have your thesis statement not make it. You should always consider the thesis statement for your illustration essay.Whatever you choose to choose as your topics for illustration essays, it is not likely that you will regret that decision. You are going to be pleasantly surprised at the quality of work that you can produce. Choose topics that are exciting and interesting to read.

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The Absolute Best System You Need to Be Using for 6th Grade State Test Essay Samples

The Absolute Best System You Need to Be Using for 6th Grade State Test Essay Samples Don't forget, in addition, there are discounts available when purchasing all 3 e-books and free shipping when purchasing all three text books. In all instances, the testing contractor trains scorers to think about the criteria listed in the rubric in a manner that's grade-level appropriate. The fourth alternative is the sole option that adheres to the properties mentioned previously. Explain these rules. The New Fuss About 6th Grade State Test Essay Samples While I miss my previous city I like living inside this new one. There are not any yellow school buses in my previous city. I have a whole lot of friends at school and all of these are extremely positive and kind. If you own a complaint or concern, you can get in touch with the school by calling 740-493-2881. Whispered 6th Grade State Test Essay Samples Secrets Even in case you don't use an option where standardized testing is mandat ed, you might decide that you want your homeschooler to take part in testing. The test has 44 multiple-choice questions. The internet practice tests aren't readily available for printing or scoring. These released practice tests are offered through the STAAR on-line Testing Platform. Learning the info is vital, but so is getting accustomed to the testing format. Assessments that do not provide a grade-level result may be utilized in combination with different assessments to reach a grade-level determination. Allow them in order to ask questions. A Startling Fact about 6th Grade State Test Essay Samples Uncovered Classic Flash Cards When you're looking for classic math games, using flash card games are among the absolute most productive examples. Previously used ALDs are available below. An extensive set of worksheets covering an assortment of subjects can be utilized to broaden your child has learning experience. Students may use the space bar to eliminate the selection. Inside this section you will locate samples of essays belonging to different essay types and manners of formatting. Writing a literary essay in the sixth grade is a somewhat straightforward procedure that should take just a few hours to finish. When you surf our site for recommendation s that may help you write your own essay, you will come across many helpful tips. Each distractor is going to be drawn from the text and require students to really comprehend the things that they have read as a way to discern the appropriate reaction. TEA offers sample compositions to help deepen your comprehension of the rubric and the range of approaches that students may take while responding to a TAKS prompt. To get ready for the demands of middle school and higher school writing, fifth graders ought to be mastering skills necessary for strong nonfiction writing. While teachers will play an essential part in helping students gain the abilities and knowledge required with these standards, it is going to be up to the student to really pass the exams. By visiting the Learning Tools interface on the site, students may familiarize themselves with a variety of concepts to aid in improving their SIxth Grade Mathematics skills. Standards have been developed just for both of these subjects, since they are the foundations upon which students will build to master the other subjects. Varsity Tutors' Learning Tools give sixth grade students with a broad assortment of study materials to aid in improving their test-taking abilities. Don't be worried about a number of them being rather abstract their primary purpose is to reveal to you the basic principles that you'll have the ability to transfer to your own writing. The coach of your kid's team will get in touch with you to allow you to know when the very first practice is. Your team would like to develop a program to get ready for a potential pandemic that's spreading worldwide. The Common Core State Standards Initiative is an attempt to make sure that all students in public schools in the usa acquire the abilities and knowledge they require to be able to be ready to attain success at college or in the workforce. Daily writing prompts are among the absolu te most helpful strategies to help kids learn to express themselves and that their ideas and ideas matter. To begin with, there are lots of things that are alike between both of these places. Among the things that is the exact same is that we both have people who are black and white. There are things which are the exact same and several other things which are really different. Getting the Best 6th Grade State Test Essay Samples By way of example, questions may ask students to recognize a little item of text that most supports the central idea. Answer The proper answer is D. If you don't see your son's or daughter's name on the list and they need to play, please comment below. If you don't see your kid's names on the list and they wish to play, please comment below. What You Should Do About 6th Grade State Test Essay Samples Starting in the Next Four Minutes Following that, you can even try out rewriting the solution in your way (without looking) to test your comprehension of the topic. Keep both human body and mind fueled. Multiple-choice questions will assess reading standards in an assortment of means. It would be useful if it's something which you are most passionate about so you may write in great particulars. How to Choose 6th Grade State Test Essay Samples The end result is usually a well-rounded child. To gauge the attendance of the Broadway shows, you count the amount of people who go to every show. In conclusion, at the present moment school is a significant stage of my life. The student having the most number of cards wins.

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What Is An Example Essay Outline?

What Is An Example Essay Outline?An exemplification essay outline will provide you with a better understanding of what you are getting into and help you through the process. By creating a proper outline, you are far more likely to be successful. This essay outline is not easy to complete, but it does not have to be a difficult undertaking.The first thing that you need to do is to put a logical structure to your essay. You will need to make sure that you understand the purpose for writing your essay in the first place. You will also need to focus on the main areas that you want to address in your essay.Once you understand the various parts of your outline, you should start to consider each part carefully. You should look at each section as an area of your paper that you want to address. For example, if you are writing about your past experiences, you would probably look at each of the sections to determine what it is that you want to talk about.If you are putting together an outline f or your own purposes, it is imperative that you make sure that the outline you create contains the specific instructions that you need. Most likely, you will have some questions or concerns that you may have that will need to be addressed in your outline. You will also need to make sure that you outline has several sections.Your outline should also include an outline for each topic or subject that you want to cover. If you write an outline for your history class, you may want to make sure that your outline includes a separate section for each of the different areas in which you would like to go over in class. For example, if you are going to talk about a particular period in American history, you may want to include an outline for each of the five periods covered in this period of time.In addition to the outline for each of the topics you want to go over, you will need to make sure that you include all of the specific instructions for writing your essay. When it comes to writing an outline, you should also make sure that you include all of the appropriate materials that you will need to make your outline a success. A solid outline is one of the most important parts of writing an impressive academic essay.One of the best ways to create an excellent outline is to start with an excellent topic. If you have already decided on what kind of topic you want to write about, you will know that the outline should fall into place naturally once you have outlined the topic. Once you know how to write an outline, you will find that writing your own academically successful essay will be a lot easier.